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New art exhibition at Salentein Winery


The new exhibition started on april 19th at our Killka art gallery and will be open until August 30th. The art that you will be able to admire corresponds to two argentine artists Enrique Testasecca, Adrián Mazzieri and the dutch artist Serge Steijn.


Nature is the main theme of this exhibition. These three artists present their work impregnated of this main subject. Each one of them from a different perspective about their  immediate environment, about nature interpreted as landscapes and learnt by the observant subject.


The languages chosen change from one artist to another: drawings, paintings and photography. The way each artist stands in front of the main subject changes as well: we may find a contemplative way, another one that places the subject as the leading man and a last perspective that is controlled by the concept of nature itself.


The exhibition inauguration was the center of attention for many locals but for tourists too, they all had the chance to enjoy the art as well as the best wine from Valle de Uco.

You can visit the exhibition: Tuesdays to Sundays, and holidays Mondays from 10 to 18 at Killka-Espacio Salentein (Ruta 89, Km 14, Los Árboles, Tunuyán, Mendoza)


Curator: Anabel Simionato / Art coordinator: Valeria Señorans / Museum work: Agustina Romero, Mariano García y Rodrigo Zayas.

Booking or questions: or call to: 02622-429523/27


About the artists:

Enrique Testasecca



Enrique Testasecca was born in 1974 in Mendoza province, Argentina. He studied architecture at Mendoza University and Arts at the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. Between 1994 and 1999 he became a restorer at the Provincial Museum of FIne Arts “Emiliano Guiñazú”, Casa de Fader where at the same time he worked as manager of the artistic heritage of this institution. 2000-2014 he worked for the Alberto Elía-Mario Robirosa Foundation in Buenos Aires, then he returned and settle down in Mendoza.

During 2006 he was part of the group which restored the Fernando Fader’s murals after this he became part of the museum team at Killka-Espacio Salentein over the period 2007-2010.

At the same time, since 2006 till today, he works as a curator for the Museo del Área Fundacional de la Ciudad de Mendoza.


Adrian Mazzieri


Adrián Mazzieri was born in 1972 in Mendoza, Argentina. He is a Professor and an Art Graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo.

During 2002 he studied  Art Work Production and Analysis, with Eduardo Médici, Tulio de Sagastizábal y Rodrigo Alonso with a scholarship given by the Antorchas Foundation. He has been part of plenty individual and collective exhibitions in Mendoza, Buenos Aires, Tucumán, ROsario, Santiago de Chile and Mexico, as well in different galleries such as: Praxis, Animal and Isabel Anchorena.

He obtained many painting prizes.


Serge Steijn


Serge Steijn studied advertising at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. After graduating he worked at an advertising agency for several years with time he founded his own agency. But he found the time to start painting during his daily life.

He sold his agency and started taking classes at the Wackers Figurative Art Academy, located in Amsterdam. While studying he understood that he was making his way to hi own visual language. However, things only began to make sense when he decided to move to Buenos Aires for a year. This experience turned out to be decisive for his life and he made photography his passion. It turned out to be the best way to express his ideas.

Steijn’s work is part of private collections in The Netherlands, Argentina, United States, Germany and Spain.  


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