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Portillo, the first Argentine wine to certify its carbon footprint in all its varietals

The winery reinforces its commitment to the environment, with its varietal Malbec the first to get it. 
Buenos Aires, June 2014 -. Salentein Uco Valley pioneer, announced that from July 2014 Portillo adds to the certification of carbon footprint of Portillo Malbec the entire line of wines (Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Tempranillo, Malbec Rosé, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc). As part of World Environment Day, Portillo reinforces its commitment to be the first wine certifying the carbon footprint for all varietals, being Malbec the pioneer in Argentina. 
Certification is obtained to meet international standards throughout the production process, from the grape to the consumer and each of their presentations. "Carbon Footprint is an environmental management tool that translates impacts and emissions from different processes on amount of CO2 (carbon dioxide) to know, first, the contribution of the organization to climate change and secondly, to design a program of improvements based on good environmental practices to reduce or offset emissions of greenhouse gases, calculated as the amount of CO2 equivalent," said Andrew Arena COO Salentein and Chairman of the Committee on the Environment of Argentina Bodegas, an institution that brings together most of the wineries. 
The survey and evaluation were carried out with the company EY (Ernst & Young) and certification is issued by the "Carbon Trust Certification" in the UK. The calculation and certification was performed according to PAS 2050:2008 international standards and code of Good Practice for Code Green house Gas Emissions and Reduction Claims. 
"We are very proud to have achieved the high standards that implies Carbon Trust certification. This reinforces the commitment of the winery in relation to environmental care and confirms internal policy to promote sustainability," said Matias Bauza Moreno, Senior Brand & PR Manager Salentein.

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