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Winners in Argentina VinoSub30

The 2013 edition of the VinoSub30 10th edition was held in the city of Mar del Plata from 29 to 31 October at the L'Ecole Events salon. A tasting panel consisting of 24 young people from different provinces tasted 288 wines from all Argentine producing regions. The results of this tasting were 4 large gold and 104 gold medals being awarded scores of wines between 97 and 90 points. The judges had the opportunity to meet one of the youngest wine regions and enjoy the hospitality of one of the most beautiful cities, Mar del Plata and its people. 
Numina salentein Syrah 2011 received Gold Medal Cabernet Sauvignon and Killka. Moreover, Portillo Sauvignon Blanc received the silver award. Next year will be held again in VinoSub30 Argentina and Uruguay for the first time in Chile.

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