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Salentein, the leading bodega in environmental protection in Argentina.

Carbon footprint

Bodegas Salentein was the first Argentinian bodega to certify the carbon footprint from the grape to the consumer. Bodegas Salentein has calculated and certified the carbon footprint of its wine Portillo Malbec from the grape (“primary production”) to the consumer, becoming, like this, the first Argentinian bodega to obtain this certification with the reach “business to consumer”.

The certification has been issued by the Carbon Trust Certification of the United Kingdom, one of the most renowned certification entities in the entire world.


"Las voces del Valle de Uco"

Children’s choir "Las Voces del Valle de Uco": 60 children from three schools of the area rehearse once a week in Killka under the direction of a professional choral conductor, accompanied by a professional piano player.




School transport for the school Clotilde L. de Cibert. In the year 2009 it had 8 students and, thanks to the transport, 53 students from nearby areas attend today, allowing more and better education for our neighbors. Economic aid for schools, especially in the form of transportation for educational activities, donations of didactic materials, etc.



Salentein is the headquarters and the pioneer in the creation of the VALOS’ Node in the Uco Valley, an ONG dedicated to the promotion of Business Social Responsibility.


Fundación Pescar

Salentein participates, along with the “Fundación Pescar”, in programs related to the preparation of the youth of the region for a successful job placement. Programs “Mi Futuro Mi Trabajo” and “Aulas Pescar”.


"Banco de Alimentos"

Collaboration with the Uco Valley Food Bank, collecting non-perishable food donations in every opening event of the art exhibits.


Art y Culture

Salentein receives annually hundreds of primary and high school students from public institutions which visit its art collection and gallery for free, facilitating, like this, first-rate access to the culture for children and teenagers.



Salentein considers WATER as one of the focal points of the Corporative Policy of Sustainability that carries out.

- Maximum water conservation and administration through trickle irrigation in 100% of the vineyards.

- Alternative thermal-solar generation for the hot water system (INNOVATION).

- Exploitation of the area’s temperature variation through cold equipment savers (INNOVATION).

- All the organic material coming from the vineyards and the wine production comes back to the soil as natural fertilizer.

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