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A legendary enologist: José Galante, our wine expert, is famous for being the father of the world class Argentinian Malbec.


Bodegas Salentein’s Chief Winemaker, José Galante

José Galante is Argentinian, born and raised in the San Martín department, in the Mendoza province.

José Galante is much more than a winemaker. He is, due to his knowledge and his career, one of the enologists with most expertise in Argentina, and one of the icons of the national modern wine making. His name is unavoidably bound to the change in Argentinian wine styles since the 1980s. For 34 years, Galante worked as the main enologist of the bodega Catena Zapata, and received many of the flying winemakers from all over the world which the bodega hired in order to strengthen its creations. There, he made memorable products that became milestones in the industry, until 2010, when he joined Bodegas Salentein as chief winemaker. One of the keys to his success is the style he brings to the wines. Far from following fleeting trends or making products without identity, he always produced great, modern varieties which preserved the identity of the Argentinian wine. As Bodegas Salentein’s enologist, his wine-making philosophy consists of “preserving entirely the spectrum of aromas and flavors of the fruit through a soft and gentle fermentation process, with excellent technology and a particular emphasis in achieving the best expressions of the Uco Valley”. The wines must incorporate the wooden contribution without affecting the varietal or the soil typicality; “aromatic wines of great concentration, good tannic texture, soft and silky, and long duration in the palate”, he emphasizes. Bodegas Salentein’s wines are authentic terroir wines, products which are ambassadors of Uco Valley’s elevations and carry in the bottle a piece of this land. With more than 34 harvests already done, and after producing in the most important regions of Mendoza, José Galante firmly believes that the Uco Valley is the best area in Argentina for producing first-rate wines.



Head Winemaker of Wines by Bodegas Salentein, Gustavo Bauzá

For Gustavo Bauzá, being an enologist is a satisfaction and a way of life. Making unique and unrepeatable products that will cause a sensation of enjoyment and pleasure were the reasons that led him to become an artist. He studied in the city of Mendoza, where he was born and currently resides with his wife and children. He was educated in the Agriculture and Enology Lyceum “Domingo F. Sarmiento” of the Cuyo National University, where he got his Enology degree.

Later on, he got his degree in Enology and Fruit and Horticulture Industries in the Don Bosco School of the Juan Agustin Maza University, and, more recently, he has finished a wine oriented MBA in the same institution. “Here, the doors to the imagination are open. Having the liberty to create a wine, the best Argentinian grapes, and the highest technology in the bodega leads me to develop the products I desire when I start to taste the grapes in the vineyards”, Gustavo Bauzá says.

According to Bauzá, every moment is good for wine drinking, it’s just about finding good company. As he says, the wine, like the food, transmits a lot about the culture of a people, and it’s a center for meetings and pleasant moments. With a preference for ethnic food, cuisine keeps him grounded, it’s an entertainment he enjoys very much, the same as fishing. He always finds the opportunity to taste wines from different countries and new varieties, which keeps him up to date with the new styles and techniques that are emerging in the world.

As an enologist, he defines himself as “tireless, defying, innovator, investigator, always with his mind open to changes, intruder, very lively, sometimes even an alchemist when combining grapes of wines from different manufacturing techniques or diverse production areas”. “It’s wonderful to see your wine being enjoyed and to surprise with the interplay between art and technology in wine making”, concludes. Today, as the enologist of Bodegas Salentein’s young wines, his greatest challenge of every grape harvest is to reach the highest potential of the fruit.


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