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The Uco Valley  



Bodegas Salentein’s plantations rise in the elevated mountainsides at the base of the ancient and snowy Andes. The region is located in the Argentinian province of Mendoza, in an area known as Uco Valley (Valle de Uco). The characteristics of such location – its important elevation and alluvial soils, its sunny days and cool nights- offer an ideal microclimate for grape cultivation and the growth of the highest quality Malbec grapes.

"The whole plantations’ area totals to 2.000 hectares (5.000 acres), with 800 (2.000 acres) planted with grapevines. The space includes numerous elevations and diverse soils, a variety that allows the maturation of different types of grape. The grapevines –with an age between 2 and 35 years old- are an 80% red and a 20% white."



The Oasis

Located between 1.050 and 1.200 meters (3.500 and 4.000 feet), this plantation has the lowest elevation of the three. It has the longest cultivation season. Its name means “the passage between the mountains."


The Pampa

It’s the intermediate plantation. It is located at 1.200/1.300 meters (4.000/4.300 feet) above sea level. The key natural characteristic of this plantation is its alluvial soil, between 30 and 40 centimeters (12 and 16 inches) deep.


San Pablo

It is the most elevated plantation of the three, located at 1.700 meters (5.600 feet) above sea level. Its wine-making history dates back to the 17th century, when it was part of the De Arriba ranch, property of the “Sociedad de Jesús”. Nowadays, ruins of an historic town of this period, called “Casa Grande”, are still preserved.".


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